Cubs, Tanzania in must win encounter

Cubs, Tanzania in must win encounter

Head coach Fabin Paa Kwesi will hope on building momentum in today’s game against Tanzania that lost 5-4 to Nigeria in a high scoring match on the opening day.

The on-going Caf U-17 Africa Cup saw the Cubs lose 1-0 to Angola and with both sides in need for a must win to qualify for the semi’s, let alone represent Africa at the world cup in Brazil, much is anticipated.

The Uganda Cubs can be eliminated even before Saturday’s final game against five-time world champions, Nigeria.

Although the Ugandan teens, who are making a debut at the games did not look bad, the game against Angola was one to forget having missed several chances.
Kwesi stressed that it is a must-win situation and is now on a mission looking for redemption by making a legitimate run.

“Any team that loses is completely out of the equation and therefore I believe all teams are going to approach the game with all the seriousness it deserves. We have done our homework well,” Kwesi said during a pre-match press conference yesterday.

Of course he was cautious in the first game but he says that the focus will be on preventing the Tanzanian attack at a time when the last thing they can afford is getting excited about a potential place in the U-17 World Cup in Peru later this year.
“The biggest boost is 12th person on the field for Tanzania but it is your ability on the field that wins you matches,” Kwesi added.

In August last year, Uganda beat Tanzania 3-2 to qualify for the Afcon as champions. The must-win scenario also does not spare Tanzania.

“We have a psychological advantage over Tanzania. But it is a derby. You can’t predict derbies. We need to put in a lot of work,” he added.
Kwesi will miss left back Ibrahim Juma, who was sent off in the first game and injured goalkeeper Delton Oyo.