Meet Davis Kanyola a Ugandan to present the F4F Nine Values Song at the F4F International Children’s Forum in Madrid.

Sports256 senior reporter Henry Musabe caught up and brings you an interview with Davis Kanyola a Ugandan who composed the Football for Friendship (F4F) nine values song which he is set to perform at the 2019 Football for Friendship International Children’s Forum and also landed him an opportunity to watch the UEFA champions finals in Madrid, Spain in June this year at the newly built Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.

Davis Kanyola 22, a born of Entebbe town near Uganda’s Capital City Kampala came to life on 18th August 1996. He is a son to Gyaviira Binyansi and Agnes Nakiryowa and has two siblings; Deo Bulega and Sister Janet Kisakye.

Kanyola, is currently a member of Aidenal School of Soccer Art located Kisubi along Entebbe Road which was represented by a young coach Charles Lwanga and Young Journalist Mwitineza Abukar in Moscow, at the same programme and watched the World Cup 2018 opening game.


Young journalist Mwitineza Abukar (c) with the head teacher and his coach at Entebbe Junior School after his return from Russia.(Photo by: Henry Moses Musabe)


The idea of the song came after the inspiration by Charles Lwanga from Uganda and specifically Aidenal School of Soccer Art (ASOSA), Ananya Kamboj the young journalist who wrote the book ‘My Journey from Mohali to St Petersburg.’ and his manager Victor Aiden Ssebudde who led last year’s Uganda’s delegation to Moscow in Russia as for the Football for Friendship programme as he narrates to Sports256.


Team Elephants won the 1st F4F tourney organised in Uganda by Aidenal School of Soccer Art(ASOSA).


An interview with F4F song composer went like this;


QN: Briefly, can you share with us your education background.
ANS: Thank you, I went to Mirembe day care school in Lugonjo, Entebbe Junior School, St Maria Goretti Katende where I completed my Ordinary Level and joined Boston High School on a football scholarship for my Advanced Level. But as well in secondary I never dropped music because it was an inspiration and throughout school I played soccer as well as singing and writing music


QN: What are you currently doing and are you willing to take on music as a career?
ANS: Am in my second year at University of Kisubi (UniK( doing a Bachelors Degree in Public relations and Mass Communication and as well I stood for guild presidency though I didn’t win the election this same year and am willing to take music to a bigger level.


QN: I would love us talk about the most important topic of today’s interview, how did you feel when you received the good news that you will perform this F4F song in Madrid ? ….Kanyola emotionally speaking shading tears responded
ANS: About this trip. I don’t know what to say and how to thank our manager Victor Aiden Ssebudde who supported my idea, indeed who I am…? It’s indeed very emotional…and my parents were as well supportive. In my heart I feel the happiness because I got the opportunity when they requested that this song be performed in Madrid at the 2019 Football for Friendship International Children’s Forum. Today I see this is a song that is going to make me move places get connection and to me it’s a turning point. I felt so happy.


QN: I would love to know, how did the idea of this song come up in your mind?
ANS: Victor Aiden Ssebudde who was in the 2018 edition of F4F came up with the idea and proposed if we could work on a song that would carry the nine(9) values; Friendship, Equality, Honour, Victory, Peace, Tradition, Health, Fairness and Devotion and my task was to blend all these fantastic values into the song.


QN:  What inspired you to get into this project?
ANS: In 2018, when the Football for Friendship project came up and we were represented as Uganda and specifically Aidenal School of Soccer Art, our representatives came back with an ambassadorship role and this is where I started up with the idea. I was like how can I be part of this and talked to my manager Victor Aiden Ssebudde and who fully supported and bucked up my idea of making the song.


QN: Being you were not in Moscow, Russia for the F4F tournament, how did you get to know more about the nine values to the extent of getting an interest of composing a song about them?
ANS: During the briefing by Victor Aiden Ssebudde after his return from Russia, he advised us that everyone should feel free to do anything that can lead to spreading the awareness of the nine values to the masses. He assured us his support to anyone who will come up with any good idea. During the briefing, he taught us about the nine values. I had to go to the internet to search more about Football for Friendship, all relevant information about F4F and also read book from one of the young journalists, Ananya Kamboj entitled ‘’My Journey from Mohali to St Petersburg’’, it carried a lot of meaning I tried to get the concept of what literally is meant by the nine values, what really transpired in her journey to St Petersburg and I got to know that he had premiered her book during the 2018 F4F programme. This is how I started to write the song.


QN: I knew you as a soccer player, when did you start singing?
ANS: In fact, I grew up playing football and doing music as well.


QN: You are going to Madrid to represent Uganda and as well Aidenal, How did you come to know about Aidenal School of Soccer Art and how did you join?
ANS: I joined Aidenal School of Soccer Art in 2014 as a soccer player and Stephen Luswata was then the head coach at Kawuku Cardinal grounds. I started training with the academy played games year in year out but as well I had the singing talent with in me and doing music as well.


QN: Where was this song done and how many people are involved in this song, and who are those you are traveling with.?
ANS: It was done by Retro records located in Bwerenga, Entebbe, it was Produced by Warren and the other major recording artists include Ibrahim Kaggwa , Praise Akankunda, Patricia Nabunya, the team is very big but we had only four slots, so my self Kanyola Davis aka Kya Davis and my three back up artists, Ibrahim Kagwa, Singano Warda Hassan and Lera Shafiatt will be traveling for the performance.


QN: What are you expectations as you head to Spain?
ANS: My expectations are high; I believe am not only going to travel to Spain but I’m making the first step to work with F4F, move around the world, sign with and work with them to ensure that the song becomes the official official F4F song.


QN: When did it start exactly, how and when do you expect move?
ANS: It all started in December 2018, started working on the song and just started with singing a few words….. Football for friendship…. ooooh ooooh..! Then went on to improve the song and Manager Victor Aiden Ssebudde empowered us to get to the studio.  We received the good news in March through Victor and as well want to thank Charles Lwanga who was a young coach in Moscow in the F4F project who helped me with the book from the young journalist that inspired me more, and as well my parents have been supportive to work on my travel documents. The forum will start on May 28th and end on June 2nd. So we expect to move any time before the start of the forum.


QN; Your conclusive remarks
ANS: I thank God for this opportunity, I thank the F4F organizers for the opportunity, my producer Warren, colleagues we worked with; Praise, Patricia, Ibra, Laila, Hassan and Blessed Soban Music Africa and our Manager, Founder of Aidenal School of Soccer Art and the main man behind the F4F programme in Uganda Victor Aiden Ssebudde. We can’t wait to be there to marsh up with a very good performance as we take Uganda to greater heights.

(Main Photo: Davis Kanyola when he launched the F4F nine values song at the ASOSA organised F4F Ugandan version last year).

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