Clubs embrace Caf club licensing

According to Fufa president Moses Magogo, the federation is ready to trim down the clubs from 16 to those that can fulfill the requirements of the club licensing.

“After all the clubs have embraced the workshop, we are not going to tolerate clubs that can’t meet the requirements,” Magogo said on Mondya as he launched the symposium at Sheraton Hotel.

He further attributed the federations understanding of the club licencing over a decade ago thus was able to implement it when caf needed it.

“We are grateful to Caf for pushing it throughout Africa. It is going to push us not only clubs but also the national team,” Magogo added.

“We wanted to highlight what has been achieved here in Uganda that’s why we hosted the workshop here. Uganda has been at the 2017 Afcon and now back in the June edition and also has KCCA that did well last year. We believe this was a result of club licensing. It takes time but it yields,” Ahmed Harraz, the Caf Club licensing manager revealed. Fifa Professional Football department advisor Middleby advised the participants to take back the information learned and be the driving force.