JKL’s Asinde off to USA in two year deal

The JKL Lady Dolphins Jane Asinde will join Grayson College in Dension, Texas on a two year deal, according to a club press release.

Asinde only joined the reigning champions in January this year and it’s underastood the player will furthet her studies in Business Administration with the priceless opportunity to play with the Dallas Wings.

Jane is so happy, excited and looking foward to the experience with her education having been a key aspect for both parties ahead of her signing a four-year contract as a student athlete.

Asinde who played all the club’s nine first round games, and was also FUBA player of the Game in game 3 has amasssed 139 points, 76 rebounds, 16 assists, ans 11 steals.

She also helped the JKL Lady Dolphins win the season opening 2019 UCU Invitational Tournament. However, arrangements to replace the player are underway as per the club statement.