Malinga concedes defeat as UCU Canons outclass JKL Dolphins

The JKL Dolphins yet again suffered a 54-80  defeat at the hands of the UCU Canons in a game played last night at the MTN Arena, Lugogo, failing to revenge on their opponents in a Mukono  based derby.

The Canons took the lead with a 21-15 point gap in the first quarter of the game with the Dolphins slow start despite attempting to mount a comeback towards the end of the quarter, trailing by 6 points.

However, nothing seemed to change as the Canons continued their dominance in the second quarter stretching the lead to a 45-23 in the long break.

JKL seemed to get the notes right pulling themselves back into the game by taking the third quarter 17-9 to cut the gap with Yesman Bushiri leading their score board with 10 points and Daniel “Dudus” Monoja with 13 rebounds but this was not enough to salvage them victory as the Canons won the game, having fallen to Betway Power previously.

Meanwhile, JKL head coach, Henry Malinga conceded defeat admitting that the opponents were the better side in all aspects of the game right from the start.

” UCU  had full control of this game right from the onset as we were playing bad defense, missing our shorts and having bad shot selection and taking so many wrong decisions,” he concedes.

The Dolphins tried to make adjustments during the course of the game but were out run by the Canons who were the better side on the night, having come out of the blocks faster than the Dolphins.

Malinga now believes all his side has to do is to acknowledge the result, learn from it and practice for the next games ahead.