Cranes players go on sit down strike

The Uganda Cranes did not undergo training on Tuesday,2nd July after players went on a sit down strike.

According to reports,the cause of the strike is cited to be unpaid and or renegotiation of camp and match bonuses.

However,the Federation of Uganda Football Association came out to clarify on the matter.

The financial structure to be paid to each member of the Uganda Cranes in the Code of Conduct is as follows;

Item   USD
Camp in Uganda per day 14 days 30
Foreign Camp (Abu Dhabi & Cairo) per day 53 days 150
Each Draw in the Group Stages 2,000
Each Win in the Group Stages 4,000
R16 to R8 (Winning @ R16) 1 5,000
R8 to R4 (Winning @ Quarter Final) 1 7,000
R4 to R2 (Winning @ Semi Final) 1 9,000
Winning the Final 1 14,600

Fufa claims that it has already paid the following amounts to each player.

  • 420 USD for the Camp in Uganda (14 days)
  • 5,100 USD for the Foreign Camp (34 days ending 30th June 2019)
  • 4,000 USD for the Winning Bonus of the DR Congo match
  • 2,000 USD for the Draw against Zimbabwe

Also, FUFA has also paid extra 2,780 USD to each player for camp morale and 300 USD for the International friendly match against Ivory Coast implying that each player has received up to 14,600 USD (App 55m UGX) already with more daily allowances and winning bonuses awaiting to be earned and paid on time.

According to FUFA, there is currently nothing owing to the players as per the signed Code of Conduct and more than 2 Billion UGX has been paid to this item alone.

The Cranes return to action on Friday as they take on an uphill battle against Senegal’s Lions of Teranga.