Futsal Super League, Thur 21-03-2019 results. Aidenal 1-1 Park Dream 2-4 Parakeets Kabowa United 3-2 Typhoon Yeak Kabowa 6-2 Nomad Crown 3-2 Yap Stars Elephants 1-4 Equator Bajim 1-0 Mengo City   Futsal Super league debutants Aidenal School of Soccer Art declined Park title hopes when they held them to […]

Futsal Super league,Thursday 14th March fixtures. Equator vs Park – 6:00pm Mengo City vs Yap Stars – 7:00pm Elephants vs Parakeets – 7:00pm Typhoon vs Bajim – 8:00pm Yeak Kabowa vs Dream – 8:00pm Aidenal vs Kabowa United – 9:00pm Crown vs Nomad – 9:00pm   Log leaders Yeak Kabowa […]

Futsal Super league fixtures, Thur 17th Bajim vs Yap Stars -6pm Kabowa United vs Elephants- 7pm Typhoons vs Crown -7pm Park vs Dream- 8pm Nomad vs Parakeets- 8pm Equator vs Yeak Kabowa -9pm Log leaders Parakeets, target their 8th win in ten (10) outings to keep their title hopes alive […]

Futsal Super league Thur, 27th December results. Parakeets 2-1 Dream Typhoons 9-2 Kabowa United Nomad 2-7 Yeak Kabowa Park 6-1 Aidenal school of Art Mengo City 3-4 Bajim Wonder kid, Joseph Bukenya Kizza guided Park FC to a comfortable 6-1 humiliation of new comers Aidenal School of Art to reclaim […]

Futsal Super league results(Thursday) Mengo City 1-4 Typhoons Elephants 4-4 Aidenal Kabowa United 4-9 Dream FC Yap Stars 3-10 Park Equator 2-8 Crown Bajim 2-4 Nomad   Park FC became the first team to score double digit goals this season in the 10-3 humiliation of struggling, pointless Yap Stars to […]